How to install the veneer stone


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Veneer Stone Installation:

1. Wall Surface Preparation:Clean the ash and sundries from the wall surface at first,make sure the wall be clean and have a tough surface.


2. Positioning:Find the position of every veneer stone by the wood decoration material,paste by marble or glass cement,better to mix both of them .


3.Select the right color and display on the floor first,Pave from the middle to the left and right and from down to up,if there is some area not avalible to pave,reserve the area and paste by cutted pcs after main installation.


4.Joint filling:Fill the gap between the veneer stone by the professional joint bag,mind the deep level,the deeper the joint mixture fill,the veneer stone looks more  stereoscopic impression,it is better to use the Triangle bag which like the one used for cake making,repair and maintain the joint mixture after 3 hours .Too early it will be broke the shape,and too late it will be too hard to scrape.


5.Clean:The gap between each veneer stone is from 10mm to 25mm ,different model has different distance,wipe out the spared joint mixture by the bamboo clip.


6.Maintainance:Clean the ash by the warm cleaner or soap stone,the daily duster cloth is ok.


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