Product Description
High quality Paving stone mold .
All of our molds can be used with concrete, cement, plaster, resin.
Set of 1 Molds to make Paving stone California Oak Design. 
With this purchase you will get 1 molds.
These molds set cover an area approximately 1 sq ft. 
These can be used for interior and exterior walls.
Filling Molds Tips:
1. Begin by pouring only about 1/3 of the mortar or concrete mixture into the mold.
2. Gently shake and tap the bottom and sides of the mold to eliminate all air bubbles. Continue by pouring the mixture in small batches stopping each time to shake and bounce out the air bubbles. When filled, the top of the
concrete/mortar should be flat and even. For better quality suggest to use vibration table.
3. Keep the mold in a dry area to cure for 24 hours on a level surface in moderate temperature.
Gently turn the mold upside down onto a soft surface, like a piece of carpet for example, and pull sides away very gently from concrete and tap lightly on the back.
Do not walk on your stones for several days to make certain the mortar is set all the way through the stone. Maximum strength concrete is 28 days.


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